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An Overview of Laptop Rental
To buy a new laptop is expensive. Now you don't have to spend lump sum, our laptop Rental facility enables you to make the most of your budget by spreading the cost of the laptop or laptops over three years. Laptop Rental makes a big difference to your cash flow if you are buying for a whole department or company. As Laptop Rental providers we specialize in IT finance. You can go for Laptop Rental including accessories and software along with the laptop. You can even upgrade your system before the end of your Laptop Rental period.

What is Laptop Rental?
Laptop Rental is a financial contract between your company and us. You will be committed to repay a given number of fixed Laptop Rentals for the term of the contract, (for example 36 monthly payments of Rs.3200.00). We supply the goods to you and we are paid by the Laptop Rental company, you are effectively renting the goods from the Laptop Rental company for the duration of the lease. The goods are owned by the Laptop Rental company at all times until the end of the lease when you have the option to buy via ourselves, see below . Because you are renting and not buying the goods you can claim 100% tax allowance on the payment.

Who can apply?
Lease finance is available to INDIAN business customers only, which includes sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, PLC's, national and local government departments, schools, universities, hospitals & charities. The average minimum price that would qualify for a lease is about Rs.20,000.00 + VAT and there is virtually no upper limit.
PLEASE NOTE: Small Businesses that have been trading for less than 18 months may have problems obtaining a lease due to the lack trading and credit history available to the Laptop Rental company to make an application decision.

Easy to arrange - Go to Contact Us Page and Provide us your Requirement.
PLEASE NOTE: The figures quoted may change depending upon the credit rating and status of the applicant. We handle all the documentation and all you have to do is sign the appropriate forms which are sent to you. Special rates for state schools, universities, national and local government departments and hospitals we can offer highly competitive rates or deferred payments. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Laptop Rental benefits - No additional security required - Rental is entirely separate from any bank lending or other credit arrangements you may have. By Rental equipment, your overdraft or bank loans are free for use in running your business.

Tax benefits - 100% allowable against pre-tax profits - All payments are 100% tax efficient. Traditional Hire Purchase is not as tax efficient and therefore may cost more in the long run even if it initially looks cheaper.

Fixed budgeting - No deposits are required and you are aware exactly what you shall be paying per month for the term of the lease. Your lease costs are fixed for the duration of the agreement and as such are unaffected by interest rate changes or other external factors. You can project your exact annual budget and no guesswork in your financial forecasting.

Upgrade facility - As your business grows, and technology is constantly changing, you can upgrade your equipment on lease at any point during the lease term, and either extend the term and keep the repayments the same or renegotiate a new lease.

How often do I pay ? - A deposit equal to 1 payment + vat (either a month or a quarter depending upon the lease) will be required on the acceptance of your business by the lease company and before any goods can be delivered, you will then pay monthly or quarterly over 3 years by direct debit. Other payment periods and options are available to Local and national government depts., schools , universities, hospitals etc, call for more details.

When do I pay? - The initial deposit (see above) will be required before the goods are delivered, you will then normally pay the first rental about 7-10 days or so after the goods are delivered. The second and subsequent rentals will follow at monthly or quarterly intervals according the lease agreement.

What happens if the laptop develops a fault ? - Your warranty is still covered by the manufacturer, so you would speak to us first as the supplier. If you have a problem you must continue to pay the the rentals or you will break your contract with the Rental company. Think of it this way, if you got a loan from a bank to buy car, you would not go back to the bank to get your car fixed if it broke down, you would go back to the garage you bought it from.

What happens at the end of the lease? - When your lease term comes to an end you can elect to do one of the following:
1. You can either continue to pay the lease at a reduced rate and keep the laptop. 2 . Upgrade to a newer model and renew the lease. 3. Give the laptop back and end the lease.

And Finally, Important things to remember about Laptop Rental in general
The equipment does not belong to you, hence you cannot sell it. A document fee is charged by the finance company and is payable with the first rental payment. You must keep the equipment insured under your insurance policy, if it is broken or stolen you will be liable for its replacement or repair. Interest charges can be levied for late payment. The rentals will vary if there is a change in taxation rates i.e VAT goes up or down. Always read the terms and conditions carefully before entering into any lease agreement.
Furnish your requirements at Contact Us Page. We shall be pleased to forward our Quotation.
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